Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet and Greet

It has been an exciting month for the Prairie Grove PTA!  We kicked off with the annual internal audit...woo hoo!  But seriously, it's something the PTA does every year to keep ourselves in check.

At this time the new board, Melinda Southerly, President, Tiana Hall, Vice President, Teresa Strong, Secretary and Jill Knoke-Staggs, Treasurer, officially took office.  We went over last year and started planning for this coming year.

This past weekend, Saturday July 23rd, your board attended the state PTA meeting to learn all sorts of great information.  We then all met yesterday, July 26th to discuss plans for the 2011-2012 school year.  The first such event will be the Meet and Greet planned for Monday, August 8th, during the Open House.  We will be set up between the Primary and Intermediate buildings so that parents and teachers can come meet the new board and sign up to be a part of this great organization for the coming year.

We are really looking forward to what we can do as a group for the kids and teachers this year, but we need your help!  Your time is appreciated as much as your funds, so if you can't swing one, how about the other?  We listened to your ideas for fundraising and are taking them into account for what we do this year.  Help us make it great!

Thank you!
Melinda, Tiana, Teresa and Jill

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